Lifestyle Newborn / Fresh 48

When I first got my "good" camera, the main purpose was to document my youngest daughter being born. Newborn-12months of a child's life goes by so fast with so many changes. I had to document every day to make sure I captured EVERYTHING! Newborn and babies sessions hold a special place in my heart. My first official session was a newborn named Sofie and the second I started snapping away to capture her, I knew that being a photographer was my calling. ​

All of my sessions are natural light, inside your home or outdoors. I love capturing 'Lifestyle Newborn' or 'At Home with Baby and Family' sessions because I'm capturing real life and real moments. 

​Fresh 48 Sessions are also so much fun to photograph. I get to some in 24-48 hours after baby is born and capture those intimate moments between mom, dad and baby. These moments are very low key and I just photograph feedings, the room, the beginning of the bond, the little toes to the little hair on their head.