First Birthday Fun!

Okay, I absolutely LOVE First Birthday sessions! Not only do most sessions include getting messy with cake but I get to capture a baby becoming a toddler and getting their own personality. Most of the babies are BUSY BUSY BUSY and I love it! Crawling, walking or even running! Each session is something new and personalized. 

​I love cake smash sessions because usually this is the first time they have eaten something so sugary and the LOVE it! Usually played with at first because the texture is so much fun but then they starting tasting then devouring the cake! The messier the better!

Milk/Fruit Bath sessions are so much fun as well! It's the perfect ending to a first birthday session! Fruit, flowers, bubbles, bath bombs or just milk or water is added to the tub and they just splash around. 

How cute are these images below? Some of my absolute favorites!