Who said cake smash sessions are just fora first birthday? This 7 year old, who happens to be my middle baby, turned 7 this past weekend and how did we celebrate? CAKE SMASH! Well, here is a little back story on how this cake smash happened. I had a client post pone her daughter's first birthday cake smash session due to the high winds we had. I pre-ordered the cake beforehand so we had this beautiful "naked" cake and I instantly told my daughter let's go do a fun quick session at a local park. (Side Note: If you are ever in the Bay Area, go check out Casa de Fruta. This location is beautiful and so many things to do! There's a large produce market, a restaurant, wine tasting, candy shop, peacocks galore!, turtles, a train, a carousel and old tractors and trucks. Plus its surrounded by green hills and large trees!) We adventured over and she instantly was ready to jump into the cake. I had to tell her to count to 50 just so I can take a couple pictures of the cake by itself! LOL! We had a blast and by the pictures below, you can see it! Enjoy!!