Engagement and Couples

This is to capture your love story and have these portraits reflect that. Two people in love. We will go to your locations of choice or we can do an at home lifestyle portrait session. Either one will show your love story.

Each couple is unique and all their stories are different. So, with your session, I want to capture all the real moments, the details and emotions. I strive to have a lot of laughter, cuddling and some simple quiet moments of just taking in the moment.

An Engagement session is captured as two coming together before the hustle of the wedding planning. Most poses and prompts will also be used during your wedding portraits, so by then, you will be a pro! This will definitely put aside any fears or uncomfortable-ness in front of a camera. I really want you to enjoy the session and just be your complete self!

These portraits will also be nice to have that aren't completely formal. Of course a wedding dress, nice suit or tux will be amazing to have printed and put all over your home but it will also be nice to have some casual and semi-formal attire portraits for your home as well.