Every motherhood story is different, some women try years to conceive and then there are women who conceive easily. Some expected mothers are excited to take maternity images and there are some who avoid it at all cost. I am here to help you feel comfortable, beautiful and confident during the shoot and show up in your images from the session. I want this experience to be easy for you.

I suggest you book between 30-34 weeks to make sure you are comfortable the whole session. After 35 weeks, most of my clients tend to be exhausted with just walking and I don't want you to feel uncomfortable walking and posing for an hour.

My sessions are all outdoors in the natural light. I find early morning and late afternoon is the best light for these sessions but I will work around what works best for you and your schedule. I know that some ladies tend to swell throughout the day so this session will be based around you!

​I want this session to be very unique and personal to you. Bringing props, family or fur babies are highly suggested! 

​Here are some of the beautiful momma's-to-be that I have been so honored to photograph.