Dylan and Anisha planned for their wedding date to be the date they started dating. They had everything ready to go for this special date. Flowers ordered, dress ordered, rings ready to go, their venue booked and everything in between was ordered to make sure their ideal wedding was going to be a memorable. Then the state goes into a mandatory shelter in place, which means their wedding was up in the air. Will this order be pushed out till the next month of April? Will they have to cancel everything? Once they got the devastating news that they would have to cancel and/or reschedule their wedding date at their venue, they both knew one thing. THEY WERE KEEPING THEIR WEDDING DATE NO MATTER WHAT!

Anisha messaged me to keep me updated throughout the month and the week before their date she asked me if I would be comfortable to photograph their elopement at Dylan's parents house. I instantly said "YES!", not just because I absolutely love photographing weddings/elopements... pretty much anything LOL!... but I knew that this date was so special to them which gave their elopement so many more levels of being special. I hope you find yourself drawn to the couple and how much love and fun they are with each other. They're absolutely adorable and looked amazing.

Dylan and Anisha, I'm so excited for your future and I truly felt honored to be your photographer for your wedding.

They had such a good spirit the whole day and when Dylan pulled out these masks, I instantly knew that these portraits will be such a memory of their elopement and this time in history.