2020 hasn't been the best year, especially for seniors! No prom, No Grad Trip, No Seniors Night, No Senior Ditch Day.. okay, I don't know if that is still a thing these days lol... and most of them didn't get a graduation. I really feel for them but if you ask most of these guys and girls, they were generally just bummed they didn't get to say goodbye to favorite teachers, classmates and have closure of their high school "school". They did get to skip their last tests and finals which is a bright side.

All my seniors that took portraits with me were all different. Some were in sports, some were in clubs, some were so excited to do portraits, some of them just wanted to make their momma happy and all of them wore their school colors with pride. With saying all that, here are some of my favorite senior portraits I took this year.

My 2020 Seniors:

Kaylene- Anzar High School

Sage- Red Bluff Union High School

Marcus- San Benito High

Aidan- San Benito High

Becca- San Benito High

Evan- San Benito High

Issah- Anzar High School

Jasmeraie- San Andrea High

Marcus- San Benito High

Raighan- San Benito High

Victoria- San Benito High