I have been asked pretty frequently if I offer Newborn sessions and my response is "yes BUT it's a lifestyle type of session". Then I get asked, "what does that mean?". Well, this blog post will help answer that and shoe visuals so you can understand lifestyle versus the idea of "posed" newborn photography.

I decided to choose lifestyle newborn photography because I really want to document the sweet little moments that we tend to forget about. The nursery, the 10 toes that you have to constantly count because it looks like they have more than 5 on each foot, the little cries, the tender nose kisses from older brother, the way baby looks extremely small in dad's hands, the sweet moment mother and baby bond through breastfeeding or the sweet way the whole family comes together to just stare at the sweet little one on the couch. I totally think these memories deserve to be captured to remind us how fast life really is and how to take in every moment.

Lifestyle newborn sessions are at baby's residence and there really isn't any posing. I like to capture baby in their crib, on mom and dad's bed, on the couch cuddling with the family, with mom, with dad, with siblings (and YES pet's are a sibling ;) ) and every little moment or detail in between! There are a lot of little breaks to change diaper, outfits and feedings. It's definitely not rushed, roughly about 60-90 minutes long.

Fresh 48's are a great time for mom and dad to just relax in the hospital room and I come in and document the hospital room with the newborn being the main focus. This is usually about 45-60 minutes but we can go quicker or longer as needed.